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Establishing or progressing your career in a new country can be very challenging. Wimmigrants E-learning program will provide you key information, guided activities and the process to help you kick off or accelerate your career in Australia.

The E-Learning program is structured through various topics under each of which you will find lots of different material and information to enable you to apply your new knowledge practically.  

Once you sign for the program, you will also become part of the wider Wimmigrants community where you will have the opportunity to connect with other members through various forums and webinars that we will run over time.

Included in this course:

- A welcome message from our founder Alma Besserdin

The fundamental first steps :
- Important values and beliefs necessary for your success
- Identifying your skillset
- Creating your personal brand  
- Using social media for your brand eg- LinkedIn
- Establishing your network in a new country  
- How to write your career goals and plans

Preparing you for an interview
- Writing your resume to win an interview
- How to prepare for an interview
- Conducting yourself in the interview
- What you need to do after the interview

Improving your negotiating and influencing skills
- Understanding culture and how to fit in a new workplace  
- Building relationships in a workplace
- How to accept and adjust to others at the workplace, and how to understand Australian workplace culture
- Benefits of having a Mentor

Improving your leadership skills
- What successful people do differently
- How to develop emotional intelligence
- Developing self-confidence

Recommended books and resources

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Alma Besserdin
Alma Besserdin

About the instructor

Having personally faced the challenges of migrating to a new country and over 30 years of experience working with various industries, Alma is able to present a series of great examples and strategies. Alma enables her client’s empowerment during what can be a vulnerable and uncertain transition to the next career challenge.

What's included?

5 Videos
1 Text
11 PDFs
1 Presentation

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